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July 6, 2012

PC / Mac / Linux


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BasketBelle is an experimental 2D basketball-based platformer. Each Chapter of the game uses the mechanics and idea of basketball in a different way. At one point you might be dribbling inside the intestines of a purple blob creature (what?). At others, you're likely to be dunking above the clouds in front of the Parisian moon. It gets a little weird, and I like that.


BasketBelle was originally created as an experiment in synchronizing audio with interactive visuals. This has stayed true through its development, as the main character's dribbles create the bass kicks for the music in each Chapter. There was also a desire to try something new with basketball - its mechanics perfect for a videogame; its application mostly being confined to a court. As an additional change of pace, a love story was introduced, but this time dealing with the love of family members and not so much romantic love as has been explored in previous games.


  • Experimental gameplay using the mechanics of basketball in unique ways
  • A dynamic soundtrack that reacts to how you play
  • An imaginative storyline with alternate endings


Trailer 2 YouTube

Teaser Trailer YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "IndieCade Finalist" IndieCade 2011, Culver City, CA
    • "The Creators Project Showcase" 2012, San Francisco, CA

    Selected Articles

      • "A rare sports based game that makes you reflect on life."
        - Ken Ellis, DIY Gamer
      • "The basketball mechanic looks quite slick but the flashes of narrative [will be] the heart of this one."
        - Adam Smith, Rock, Paper Shotgun
      • "...A wildly varied set of gameplay mechanics that see the player undergoing a veritable goldmine of interactive tasks."
        - Richard Glenn, DIY Gamer

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      About Studio Bean

      Studio Bean is an independent videogame company run by developer Michael Molinari. Its games have common themes of love, exercise experimentation in interactivity and gameplay, and are highly visual and aural in presentation. They're usually strange as well.

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      Michael Molinari

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks