Bean Sub Goodies

Subscribing to Onemrbean's Twitch channel not only gives you special emotes in chat, but also a bunch of secret commands in the following apps listed below, available as soon as you subscribe!

Choice Chamber is a game designed to be played by a Twitch streamer along with their viewers.

If you subscribe to Bean's Twitch channel, you can use the commands below in ANY Twitch channel streaming Choice Chamber.

This is a great way to support the developer if you'd rather play from the chat room.

command description
+beanbot ombGIR Summon a beanbot!
Shoots magic beans until it runs out.
+platinum ombGIR Drop a platinum coin worth 100c!
+buff ombGIR Add a buff to the player's attacks until they die.
Cancels out +nerf below.
+nerf ombGIR Add a nerf to the player's attacks until they die.
Cancels out +buff above.
+pogo ombGIR Force the player to pogo jump for the rest of the room.
+rainbow ombGIR Drop a rainbow heart.
+snow ombGIR Make it snow. Forces the next room to have icy floors.
+rose ombGIR Throw a rose to the player. Increases luck.
+balloon ombGIR Give a balloon to the player. Slows them when falling long distances.

Click here for more info on Choice Chamber

Beanbox is a set of tools for interacting with your Twitch viewers.

Subscribe to Bean to use extra commands on any Twitch channel that uses Beanbox.

You must use a onemrbean emote with each command, like ombGIR

tool description example
POLL get more influence from your vote 3 ombGIR
MAIL send one extra mail message dear bean, you are cool ombGIR
MAP change into any of these shapes:
dot, moon, square, triangle, star, donut, heart, hex
map donut ombGIR
change the color of your shape map FF9900 ombGIR
BOARD get more influence from your vote b10 ombGIR
CANVAS draw in any color c3 0099FF ombGIR

Click here for more info on Beanbox

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