Humble Bundle FAQ

Q: How do I use my 6-month trial period?
A: It is automatically applied when you connect your Twitch account in beanbox.

Q: How do I know when my trial will expire?
A: When your trial is active, the number of remaining days will be listed on the home screen.

Q: What if I'm already subscribed to Bean's channel?
A: The trial period will not begin if you are subbed to Bean. If you discontinue your sub and attempt to login to beanbox, the trial period will begin.

Q: How do I use beanbox after my trial expires?
A: Subscribe to Bean's Twitch channel to continue use.

Q: What happens if I subscribe to Bean's channel while my trial period is active?
A: The trial period cannot be paused once started, so it will continue to run until expiration.

Q: If I don't activate the trial now, will I have the ability later?
A: Trial activation will always be available, whether you are subbed to Bean or you wait a while to begin using beanbox.

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